3 Ways Idaho Residence Can Save Energy Through Home Automation

Smart home automation systems play a crucial role in energy saving efforts by Idaho residents and all over the world. Automated home systems provide homeowners with the ability to control climate, video surveillance, security lights, and electronic media devices from the convenience of their Smartphone or Tablet anywhere, anytime. No matter where you are in the world, you have access to the energy consuming devices in your home hence you can easily engage your priorities and decide which devices you need to be turned off. Home automation systems have been carefully designed to lower energy consumption hence cutting down on your overall household expenses. Properly programmed lighting systems, regulated temperature, and decreased energy drain can go a long way in cutting down on the amount of your energy consumption. The "all off” command works like magic and can create great monthly energy costs for you. Here are the top three ways any Idaho resident can save energy through home automation.

Lighting control

Think of the number of times that you have climbed in bed only to realize that you have left some lights on in other rooms. With lighting control, you no longer have to worry about that since you will not be required to get up to have the lights turned off. An automated lighting control makes that task as simple as pressing a single button on your mobile device to turn off all the lights in your house.

More interesting is the fact that you can customize the setting of the light control system to manage the lights in your house more effectively. You can have the lights dim automatically or turn off at specific times of the day, e.g., when you go to bed. Motion sensors confirm that lights are on for safety and room occupancy and then automatically turn them off when they are no longer needed. They make sure that lights are on when it is necessary.

The "all off" Command

While leaving your house in a hurry, you may leave curling iron heating up, music on or lights on. May be you are heading for an important seminar, and you are already running out of time or even worse, you may be leaving for a vacation which means that anything you leave on, will stay on until the day you come back to the house. However, with an automated home system, you no longer have to worry that. The system can be programmed to sweep through your home turning off any electronic devices that may be running. The all off command can be executed from your tablet or Smartphone. Activities such as closing of the front door, a signal from a motion sensor or arming of your security system can be programmed to execute the "All off" command

Regulated Temperatures

With a home automation system in place, you get the opportunity to schedule the temperature changes throughout your house to meet your needs. You get to save on more energy since air conditioning, and heating is automatically decreased when you are away from your home. More interesting is the fact the temperature changes can easily be coordinated with other automated electronics such as lights, fans, and shades. Introducing a programmable mode to your home's temperature will result in tremendous energy saving.